Empty Blog.

I decided to leave Tumblr for a longer time because of real life issues and College. Don’t worry, this is no suicide message or whatever, so don’t freak out, I just don’t have time to blog anymore. (Well, maybe not, but once I do, I stop studying.. Can’t let that happen, now can I?)

For anyone who is still following this blog, feel free to unfollow, there is nothing here— the entire blog has been deleted.

What!? ARE YOU CRAZY!?" - Some random person reading this, probably.
Maybe. Did I ever say I was sane?

*AHEM* Anyways;

Thank you for following me while I was around.

I wish you guys ‘n’ girls best of luck in your lives.

EDIT: I might leave replies here and there because I STILL do check sometimes, but I won’t post anything or reblog anything.