Would you please turn around until I'm done? You pervert.



this is fucking hilarious

now thats a good uncle



this is fucking hilarious

now thats a good uncle

the cursed intoner


Can i not wake up?

can i quite now?

can i stop trying?

no matter what?

i can’t stop?

Last of the path patterns I made.

Feel free to use.

I’m pretty sure there are more prettier water path designs out there but I’m sharing anyways.

> Grey Rocky Path

> Brown Rocky Path

**I don’t really play ACNL anymore so please don’t follow this blog if you think so and expect more posts like these. I’m just re-uploading my old posts from my deleted blog from last year. Sorry to disappoint.**

Brown version of the Rocky Path

I like this one a lot more, personally.

Feel free to use, you need 2 characters for all of them, though, I think.

Click here for the water path-y design I made!

Since I changed Tumblr accounts and deleted all my posts, including my path designs with them, I decided to re-upload.

I don’t really play ACNL anymore (kinda stopped 8 months ago or something), but I liked those.

Free for anyone to use. Will re-upload the rest as well.

> Brown Rocky Path

> Water




'I love your drawings your art is really good!!!'


'can you draw me :)'


I’ve never related to something so hard.


We’ve both been rejected by the world
We both feel the same threat
And yet here we are
Fated to kill each other in the end

I still wish Game Freak would make it so that Dragonair could evolve into something different with a moonstone or something and be a Fairy/Dragon or only Dragon type, whatever, that is still a snake-shaped dragon and has bigger ear-wings or something.


I really don’t like Dragonite.

How does a beautiful snake-like dragon with feather-y wings even turn into a fat orange/green barney-like dragon that has limbs and doesn’t even remotely look like the thing it evolved from?


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